What You’re Not Doing For Better Results

Written by: Amelia Ravelo

What Your Not Doing For Better Results

Bodybuilding and other activities which involve lifting heavy weights, especially to the point of hypertrophy, shorten the muscle fibers and sometimes have a high possibility of injury. Thankfully, proper stretching post-lifting has been proven to have various health benefits. Its been proven to prevent injury, to increase range of motion in certain lifts, relieve muscle tension and even improve posture! The good thing about flexibility is that human beings have the capability to gain it, no matter the age or body type. So although you may think you’re “too muscular” to be able to be even considered slightly flexible, think again. Proper stretching form and the concept of “progressions” into which the stretches become deeper is how to be as flexible as a contortionist.

On the topic of stretching, why not try yoga? Yoga is the oldest and most popular practice of stretching. There are various types of yoga, from Hatha to Bikram to Ashtanga. They all have numerous poses and varying degrees of intensity. I personally am a student of Ashtanaga because the discipline has hundreds of poses which are very demanding on the body in numerous physiological aspects. Not only is flexibility required, but so is strength and balance. There are plenty of ways to start yoga, even from your own home! There are hundreds of books and podcasts explaining various poses from the beginners downward dog to and advanced flying lotus. With accessibility like that why not give it a try?

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