Road to Jr Nationals | Jorge Shoulders 4 Days Out


Jorge “Mohawk Warrior” Bianchi

4 days out from the 2014 NPC Jr. Nationals EXN Nutrition Athlete Jorge Bianchi hits a quick shoulder workout.

4 sets – DB Shoulder Press, 12 reps

4 sets – Upright Rows, 12 reps

4 sets – Arnold Presses, 12 reps

4 sets – Front Raises Superset with Lateral Raises, 12 reps each

4 sets – Bent Over Lateral Raises, 12 reps

4 sets – Seated Reverse Flies, 12 reps

Keep checking back for more updates on Jorge as he gets closer to hitting the stage in Chicago this weekend at the 2014 NPC Jr. Nationals.  Make sure you are following both @exnnutriton and @chico_fitness on Instagram for the most up to date coverage over the weekend.

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