Mike Lavelanet Back 4 Days Out


Mike Lavelanet

4 days out from the 2014 NPC Jr. Nationals EXN Nutrition Athlete Mike Lavelanet hits back

Being 4 days out fromNPC  Jr. Nationals in Chicago, my back workout will focus on depleting my muscles of the remaining glycogen (carbs stored in muscle) and implementing exercises for more detail in my physique. Already being on a very low carb diet, strength and heavy reps aren’t my focus, so I still go as heavy as possible, but a little lighter and stay within my rep range.. Here it goes…

Pull-ups: 3 sets 25,15,10

Barbell rows: 3-4 sets 15,12,10

Dumbbell rows: 3-4 sets 15,12,10

Seated cable rows: 3-4 sets 15,12,10

Lat pull down: 3-4 sets 15,12,10

Stiff-arm pullover: 3-4 sets 15,12,10

Hyper extensions: 3-4 sets 25, 25, 25

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