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In a society controlled by Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ (not so much that last one) you are hard-pressed to peruse the web without running into “The Top Five Things You HAVE to do Before You’re Twenty Two” or “Which Disney Character Was Your Third Grade Math Teacher” . However, within this cornucopia of social media there is a safe haven for fitness amateurs and professionals alike, a community of likeminded individuals ready to support and advise each other.  This community is called Fitocracy.

Regarded as the top fitness based social media site, as of May 2014, Fitocracy has 1.6 million registered users.  The innovators behind the platform, Dick Talens and Brian Wang wanted to create a way to stay motivated on their fitness journeys.  Both avid gamers, they mirrored the Role Playing Game (RPG) format and thus Fitocracy was born.

Centered on the idea of earning points for every workout, users are given the opportunity to log their workouts and level up.   Each level increases in difficulty and, as the user gets stronger, they are able to earn various achievements and finish “quests”.  Quests can be anything from running a mile to deadlifting 2.5 times body weight.

Although not exclusively associated or sponsored by any companies, Fitocracy promotes a healthy lifestyle.  From beginners to a more experienced fitness buff, they offer workouts that cover body weight exercises to full gym access.  Their site contains help and support from expert trainers and the staff strives to create an informative and welcoming place where all can benefit and learn from each other.  To coincide with the fitness tracking, Fitocracy has recently released a separate app to track your macronutrients that consolidates both your fitness and nutrition tracking needs within one expert brand.

When asked what the long-term goals of the site were, Community Manager Jennifer Yoder (xJenx) said “Fitocracy is still growing and evolving! The long term plan is to create a site where people from all walks of life can come in with little or no knowledge of fitness and get instant access to training plans, nutritional help, and, if need be, the ability to hire a trainer that can help them get them on the road to success (whatever that might mean for that person).  In the meantime, we want to expand the quests and keep adding more useful and interactive features because we believe keeping every one challenged is the key to making working out engaging.”

As a user of this site (dangym33), I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique and interactive way to track their fitness journey.  The Fitocracy community embraced me as I was, and pushed me to become who I wanted to be, from being tired, to flipping tires.

For more information about Fitocracy visit or download the app from the App or Google Play Stores.


Dan recently moved to South Florida from Stamford CT.  He has a background in entertainment and marketing and looks forward to achieving his fitness goals.

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