EXN and Elevate 954 Transformation

It’s not that I’m lazy, I just excel at doing nothing. Considering that I’ve recently started working in the health and fitness industry, I figure I should look the part. It’s not exactly convincing to take supplement advice from a guy who looks like he’s spent more time in a bar than under one.

To start the process I meet with Bryan, the head of fitness for Elevate 954. We start off by measuring my body fat percentage, to no ones surprise I am at 18% body fat, Bryan recommends that I get down to around 13% which means I will have to lose about 10 pounds of fat.

Unfortunately in the past couple of years I have not been on top of my physical game despite my athletic background and fit family. My mom runs marathons for fun. my brother was a champion wrestler, and my dad lifts heavy things and opens jars, and I am mildly amusing. Unfortunately I can’t just vacuum the fat away and so I enter the gym.

This workout was unlike any other gym session I had ever been too. Body weight exercises mixed with plate curls, sled pushes and the all too familiar burpee. I knew that I would be feeling this workout for days (I was right.)

The plan is to increase my gym sessions 5-6 times a week and hopefully watch my body transform into a lean physique. After todays workout I’m pretty sure it will. Brian, Justin, and the entire team really know what they’re doing, creating routines that would have the incredible hulk feeling DOMs for a week.

Our EXN specialists have given me the following supplements to help speed up my recovery and stimulate muscle growth: Met-RX Vanilla Protein, Met-RX Creatine, and i-Force BCAA’s. As far as eating goes, I’ll be eating lean meats and carbohydrates high in fiber to help with the release of energy.

Follow along as I continue to post blogs all about the workouts and my progress with Elevate and EXN.

Dan recently moved to South Florida from Stamford CT.  He has a background in entertainment and marketing and looks forward to achieving his fitness goals.

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