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Mike Lavelanet Back 4 Days Out

  Mike Lavelanet 4 days out from the 2014 NPC Jr. Nationals EXN Nutrition Athlete Mike Lavelanet hits back Being 4 days out fromNPC  Jr. Nationals in Chicago, my back workout will focus on depleting my muscles of the remaining glycogen (carbs stored in muscle) and implementing exercises for more […]

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What You’re Not Doing For Better Results

Written by: Amelia Ravelo What Your Not Doing For Better Results Bodybuilding and other activities which involve lifting heavy weights, especially to the point of hypertrophy, shorten the muscle fibers and sometimes have a high possibility of injury. Thankfully, proper stretching post-lifting has been proven to have various health benefits. […]

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Julian’s WOD

For Time 30 – Calorie Airdyne 25 – S2O w/ 115lb (Shoulder to overhead) 25 – Pull Ups25 – Calorie Airdyne 20 – S2O20 – Pull Ups20 – Calorie Airdyne 15 – S2O 15 – Pull Ups 15 – Calorie Airdyne 10 – S2O 10 – Pull Ups Julian’s WOD […]

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